Mai Khao Beach

Mai Khao BeachThe white sands of Mai Khao beach stretch for over 10km, from the Srinnath national Park in the south to the very tip of Phuket in the north. This long straight coastline has been untouched for generations and is a reflection of Phuket's past.

Many parts of Mai Khao are designated as protected areas as leatherback turtles come back to the area each year to lay their eggs. The leatherback is a protected and endangered species and the Mai Khao Marine Turtle Foundation was launched to ensure that the turtles remain undisturbed by any real estate intervention. Each year the turtle eggs are hatched and released from the Phuket coastline during the Songkran festival in April.

The coast at Mai Khao is lined with coconut plantations and local farms growing produce such as chilies and other exotic vegetables. The local fishermen take their long tail boats out each day or fish in the shallow waters off the shores with hand made nets as they have done for generations.

The Marriott Hotel opened in Mai Khao in 2002 and some would say that they were pioneers in an area, which up to now has seen no real development. This previously undiscovered piece of coast line is now experiencing interest from a number of top quality hotels and resorts.

West Sands, recently purchased a 16 hectare site in Mai Khao, close to Phuket International Airport and they are building what will be one of Phukets finest destination resorts with an excellent mix of villas and apartments built to exceptionally high standards.

The local government have also set out to improve local infrastructure and have built several small shops for local businesses in Mai Khao just north of West Sands in a move to encourage structured retail development in the area.
Other new developments are also being built along the coast line, such as Turtle Cove, a four storey apartment and spa resort located just steps from the beach.

The Mai Khao area is slowly changing and with the proximity to the airport, the Blue Canyon Golf Club just minutes away and the long sandy beach it is an area which has a great deal to offer.

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