ThalangThalang is one of the oldest towns in Phuket and was once the capital. It is located to the north west of the island and today is a district stretching all the way to the northern tip of the island. The town of Thalang is bustling with a daily market and many local shops and facilities.

Thalang national museum is located near to the Heroines Monument and houses a permanent exhibition featuring life in old Phuket.

Wat Phra Thong is also located in Thalang and houses a gold buddha which is most revered. The story goes that the head of The Buddha was discovered by a farmers'son who tied his buffalo to the object to try and remove it from the ground. Both the boy and buffalo died in the attempt. Subsequent attemps to remove the head from the ground failed and the Thais built a temple around the head.

To protect the image from Burmese invaders the local people covered the original head with a fake copy and it is the copy which can be viewed in Wat Phra Thong today.

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